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Michael Hund


E-Mail: Michael.Hund(at)
Phone: (+49) 07531 88-3943
Fax: (+49) 07531 88-3268
Room: D 215
Address: University of Konstanz
Department of Computer and Information Science
Box 78
78457 Konstanz, Germany


C. Schulz, A. Nocaj, M. El-Assady, S. Frey, M. Hlawatsch, M. Hund, G. Karch, R. Netzel, C. Schätzle, M. Butt, D. A. Keim, T. Ertl, U. Brandes and D. Weiskopf.
Generative Data Models for Validation and Evaluation of Visualization Techniques.
BELIV '16: Beyond Time And Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods For Visualization, DOI: 10.1145/2993901.2993907, 2016.
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M. Hund, I. Färber, M. Behrisch, A. Tatu, T. Schreck, D. A. Keim and T. Seidl.
Visual Quality Assessment of Subspace Clusterings.
KDD 2016 Workshop on Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics (IDEA’16), 2016.
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M. Behrisch, B. Bach, M. Hund, L. von Rüden, M. Delz, J.-D. Fekete and T. Schreck.
Magnostics: Image-based Search of Interesting Matrix Views for Guided Network Exploration.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, PP(99):1-1, DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2016.2598467, to appear, 2016.
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M. Hund, D. Böhm, W. Sturm, M. Sedlmair, T. Schreck, T. Ullrich, D. A. Keim, L. Majnaric and A. Holzinger.
Visual Analytics for Concept Exploration in Subspaces of Patient Groups.
Brain Informatics, 3(4):233-247, DOI: 10.1007/s40708-016-0043-5, 2016.
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L. Zhang, C. Rooney, L. Nachmanson, W. Wong, B. C. Kwon, F. Stoffel, M. Hund, N. Qazi, U. Singh and D. A. Keim.
Spherical Similarity Explorer for Comparative Case Analysis.
IS&T Electronic Imaging Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis, 2016.
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M. Hund, M. Behrisch, I. Färber, M. Sedlmair, T. Schreck, T. Seidl and D. A. Keim.
Subspace Nearest Neighbor Search - Problem Statement, Approaches, and Discussion.
Similarity Search and Applications, Springer International Publishing, pages 307-313, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-25087-8_29, 2015.
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M. Hund, W. Sturm, T. Schreck, T. Ullrich, D. A. Keim, L. Majnaric and A. Holzinger.
Analysis of Patient Groups and Immunization Results Based on Subspace Clustering.
Brain Informatics and Health, Springer International Publishing, pages 358-368, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-23344-4_35, 2015.
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T. Mayer, B. Wälchli, M. Hund and C. Rohrdantz.
From the extraction of continuous features in parallel texts to visual analytics of heterogeneous areal-typological datasets.
Language Processing and Grammars. The role of functionally oriented computational models, John Benjamins, DOI: 10.1075/slcs.150.02may, 2014.
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M. El-Assady, D. Hafner, M. Hund, A. Jäger, W. Jentner, C. Rohrdantz, F. Fischer, S. Simon, T. Schreck and D. A. Keim.
Visual Analytics for the Prediction of Movie Rating and Box Office Performance.
VAST Challenge 2013 - Award for Effective Analytics, 2013.
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M. C. Hao, M. Marwah, S. Mittelstädt, H. Janetzko, M. Hund, D. A. Keim, U. Dayal, C. Bash, C. Felix, C. Patel and M. Hsu.
Visual analytics of cyber physical data streams using spatio-temporal radial pixel visualization.
In Proceedings of Visualization and Data Analysis, 8654():865404--865412, DOI: 10.1117/12.2002948, 2013.
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M. Krstajic, C. Rohrdantz, M. Hund and A. Weiler.
Getting There First: Real-Time Detection of Real-World Incidents on Twitter.
Published at the 2nd IEEE Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics ”Task-Driven Analysis of Social Media” as part of the IEEE VisWeek 2012, October 15th, 2012, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2012.
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C. Rohrdantz, M. Hund, T. Mayer, B. Wälchli and D. A. Keim.
The World's Languages Explorer: Visual Analysis of Language Features in Genealogical and Areal Contexts.
Computer Graphic Forum (The definitive version is available at and, 31(3):935-944, DOI:, 2012.
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