Decision Tree Optimization with Parallel Coordinate Plots

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


Decision trees are commonly used in machine learning, especially in classification. Compared to other types of models, such as neural networks, they offer a rather intuitive interpretation and they are transparent in application. Visual analytics can be used to build and refine machine learning models. For decision trees, a visual interface based on parallel coordinate plots may offer a suitable approach for analysts to evaluate and improve their models.

Problem Statement

In this project, you plan to build an interactive visualization that enables the construction and evaluation of a particular class of decision trees, namely Fast-and-Frugal Trees. Fast-and-Frugal Trees pose some additional constraints on the tree structure, which yo can exploit in the design of the visual interface. The goal is to allow a closer integration of the human analyst in the development and evaluation of the classifiers. In particular, the visual interface will incorporate a diverse set of interactions, which are relevant at the different steps in model evaluation and refinement.


  • Design a visual interface for evaluating and refining decision tree classifiers
  • Implement the interactive visualization
  • Show the applicability and benefits of the tool with one or two use cases.


  • Proficient programming skills in D3/Javascript
  • Interest in designing interactive interfaces


  • Scope: Bachelor / Master
  • Project/Thesis Duration: 3 months/3 months (Bachelor), 6 months / 6 months (Master)
  • Start: immediately



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