Let the Users Compete: A Gamified Interactive Machine Learning Approach

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


Due to different challenges such as the data overload or complex cognitive processes required to fulfill a Visual Analytics (VA)  task, the users may lose motivation and fail to reach deeper levels of analysis.
To support user motivation, one can use gamification, i.e., gameful design. Gamification is a strategy of applying game elements (e.g., a competition) in a non-game context with the goal of motivating users while performing a given task.

Problem Statement

The users may lose engagement, especially when performing repetitive tasks, i.e., when interactively creating or updating a machine learning model. The goal of the project is to implement a collaborative VA system, where users can compete with each other while improving the quality of a clustering model.


Good programming skills in Java and Javascript.



  • Scope: Master
  • 6 Month Project, 6 Month Thesis
  • Start: immediately