Powerwall Interaction
Interaction Techniques for Huge High Resolution Displays

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


Our new Powerwall with a resolution of 9600 x 3780 pixels and a display area of 25.6 m2 offers the possibility to display high resolution visualizations on a huge screen. Therefore, it opens up new possibilities to design visualization techniques for detecting patterns and relations in large datasets. However, due to the size of the screen, it is not possible to simply transfer common interaction techniques to this new setting.

Problem Statement

Given the extent of the screen and the distance of the viewer, it is not possible to easily interact with the visualization with simple keyboard/mouse input devices. Therefore, new ways of interaction need to be researched. Perhaps body movement and position, or additional input devices like AR headsets with eye tracking might offer more suitable or intiutive interaction possibilities.


Good programming skills in Java, Javascript, or C#.



  • Scope: Bachelor/Master



Carmelo Ardito, Paolo Buono, Maria Francesca Costabile, and Giuseppe Desolda. 2015. Interaction with Large Displays: A Survey. ACM Comput. Surv. 47, 3, Article 46 (April 2015), 38 pages. doi.org/10.1145/2682623