VirtualPianoLesson (1): Visualization of Musical Pieces for Piano Education

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


  • The overall goal of the VirtualPianoLesson project is to create a mixed reality piano lesson, that shows the student a visual representation of the musical piece they want to learn, tracks the progress during the virtual practice session, and adapts the difficulty level and visual representation of the lesson to the student’s ability.
  • This project/thesis focuses on the visualization of musical pieces for piano education.
  • During the project, different visual metaphors should be designed to target different ability levels of the students.
  • The visualizations will be implemented as an AR application with a HTC Vive using Unity3D.

Problem Statement

  • How can we visualize musical pieces on different piano player ability levels?
  • How can we transfer musical visualizations into an augmented reality setting to enable virtual piano lessons?


  • Assess existing pedagogical structures for piano lessons
  • Derive different suitable visual metaphors for musical pieces on each ability level
  • Implement the visual representation of musical pieces in an Augmented Reality Environment


  • Interest in music/piano education
  • Knowledge about information visualization
  • Good programming skills in C#/Java (Unity3D) and basic web programming skills (HTML/CSS/JS,D3) 


  • Scope: Bachelor / Master
  • Project/Thesis Duration: 3 months/3 months (Bachelor), 6 months / 6 months (Master)
  • Start: immediately



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