Visual Analysis of Language Change over Time

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


The main aim of this project is to implement an exploitative visual analytics system for analyzing the changes in the usage of language over time. The project will focus on the scalable data-driven analysis of large text corpora using statistical and linguistic features.

Problem Statement

Linguists are interested in detecting changes in the usage of language. To enhance this time-variant analysis our goal is to develop a data-driven visual analytics system that allows the exploration of language patterns over time. In this project, we will be working in close collaboration with linguistic scholars and intend to automatically extract relevant statistical and linguistic features from the text. Furthermore, to explore the extracted features over time, we will work on developing an interactive visual analytics system that addresses the analysis tasks of our domain experts.


  • Review existing tools and approaches.
  • Make yourself familiar with the data.
  • Implement feature extraction techniques suitable for the analysis tasks.
  • Develop a visualization prototype to explore these features interactively.
  • Work with domain experts to evaluate your approach.


  • Basic knowledge about information visualization and natural language processing.
  • Good programming skills in Java and JavaScript/D3.


  • Scope: Bachelor/Master
  • 6 Months Project, 3/6 Months Thesis