Visual Tennis Match Analysis

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


The aim of this project is the implementation of a visual-interactive system to gather and asses events that happen during one or multiple tennis matches.

Problem Statement

So far Tennis matches are usually analyzed via aggregated statistics. However, as has already been shown in other sports such as soccer, these often do not provide sufficient information to assess the outcome of a match and the performance of the individual players, since valuable insights about local details and trends are lost. This gap could be closed by a more intensive analysis of tennis matches with the help of the events occurring in them, and by analyzing their impact and their context.


  • Intensive data preprocessing, based on skeletal motion data and ball tracking.
  • Implementation of a system for semi-automatic detection of game-phases, outcomes, point tracking, etc.
  • Assessment of occurring events based on their context
  • Work with domain experts to evaluate your approach


  • Excellent programming knowledge, preferably in Python and Javascript.
  • Strong knowledge of data processing and machine learning
  • Interest in a strongly practice-oriented research project


  • Project: 3/6 Months
  • Thesis: 6 Months