Multiscale Multiples: An Overview+Detail Interface for Small Multiples

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:

Problem Statement

Small Multiples help spotting patterns and are a prominent technique to show temporal behavior or different facets of data. They are typically seen in static print rather than integrated into a dynamic and interactive environment. However, the major issue with Small Multiples is that by definition they are very small and thus hide details. This thesis aims at integrating Small Multiples into an interactive Overview-and-Detail environment allowing to drill down to details but at the same time provide overview.


  • Get familiar with state of the art aggregation techniques
  • Derive a suitable set of examples
  • Implement a basic interactive small multiple infrastructure
  • Implement and case study the set of examples


  • Advanced knowledge in web-based development of visualizations (this thesis goes beyond copy and pasting d3.js examples)
  • Basic knowledge of aggregation techniques such as edge bundling or binning


  • Scope: Bachelor (3 months project + 3 months thesis)



  • Envisioning Information [Edward Tufte, 1990].
  • Space-scale Diagrams: Understanding Multiscale Interfaces [George W. Furnas and Benjamin B. Bederson, 1995].