Powerwall Visualization
Design and Implementation of Visualization Techniques for Powerwall Displays

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


Our new Powerwall with a resolution of 9600 x 3780 pixels and a display area of 25.6 m2 offers the possibility to display high resolution visualizations on a huge screen. Therefore, it opens up new possibilities to design visualization techniques for detecting patterns and relations in large datasets.

Problem Statement

In comparison to previous screens, data can be visualized in its entirety. The need for data aggregation is minimized. In this project, we want to investigate, which visualization techniques are suitable for such settings. Additionally, we are interested in deriving design considerations for the implementation of visualization techniques for Powerwall displays.


  • Implement a visualization technique, which exploits the possibilities of large high-resolution displays.
  • Implement basic interaction possibilities to analyze the data OR
  • Build a storyline which guides the user through the analysis (similar to https://thewaterweeat.com/)


Good programming skills in Java and Javascript.



  • Scope: Bachelor/Master



Andrews, C., Endert, A., Yost, B., & North, C. (2011). Information visualization on large, high-resolution displays: Issues, challenges, and opportunities. Information Visualization, 10(4), 341–355. doi.org/10.1177/1473871611415997