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Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


Often times, trajectories such as walking humans or driving cars are snapped to a road network for simplification and aggregation purposes. Public transportation also operates along a predefined network. The contextualization of this movement data can be used to expose and analyze temporal patterns in traffic flows.


Problem Statement

The frequency of occurence is a common attribute to visualize on a road network. However, other data attributes such as the speed, delays, or gas consumption are also available for a deeper analysis.
Hence, visualizing multiple temporally dependent attributes along a road network to draw insights from urban movement data remains a challenging, but equally promising task.


  • Evaluate and compare existing approaches for road network visualizations
  • Develop a novel interactive, visual analysis technique to visualize and explore multiple data attribubes along a road network
  • Compare your technique to other existing approaches


  • Interest in spatiotemporal data analysis
  • Basic knowledge about information visualization, data mining and geographic information systems
  • Good programming skills in: JavaScript/TypeScript, D3.js, Python



  • Scope: Bachelor / Master
  • 3 Months Project, 3 / 6 Months Thesis
  • Start: immediately



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