Search and Visual Exploration of Scientific Literature

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


In research, searching for literature is an important, but often tedious and time consuming task. Existing literature search engines like GoogleScholar typically provide a search box for keywords and a list view for the search results. To get an overview and details of the search result, one need to go manually through all retrieved results.

The goal of this project is to develop a search engine for scientific literature which provides a variety of filtering and visual exploration methods to quickly get an overview of retrieved results.


  • Implement the existing keyword-based literature search tool of [1] into a web-based application (client/server)
  • Improve the search process by an index structure
  • Development of different filtering, exploration and visualization methods to explore relevant publications
  • (Visual) recommender system: based on a given set of papers, (semi-)automatically recommend further literature


  • Good knowledge in information visualization
  • Good programming skills in Java and JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge in natural language processing is helpful


  • Scope: Bachelor/Master
  • 6 Month Project, 3 Month Thesis (Bachelor) / 6 Month Thesis (Master)
  • Start: immediately



  • [1] Visual Interaction with Dimensionality Reduction: A Structured Literature Analysis [Sacha et al., 2016]
  • [2] Surveying the complementary role of automatic data analysis and visualization in knowledge discovery [Bertini and Lalanne, 2009]
  • [3] Empirical studies in information visualization: Seven scenarios [Lam et al., 2012]
  • [4] Visual Analysis and Dissemination of Scientific Literature Collections with SurVis [Beck et al., 2015]