Walking Wales: the visualisation challenge

Theoretical (Analytical):

Practical (Implementation):

Literature Work:


In 2013, Alan Dix (of HCI fame) walked the 1000 miles around the perimeter of
Wales (part of UK), using the newly established Wales Coastal Path. Part of the
walk was about exploring the use of technology in communities and by walkers.
In addition to GPS data, photos, text, he collected data from body sensors and
has one of the largest continuous recording even taken in the field. Details of the
walk at alanwalkswales and the data at alanwalkswales-data.
The data has already been preprocessed, so is available as a clean dataset.
Also, some work has been done on a sentiment analysis of the blog data.

Problem Statement

The challenge is to present this multi-source data in a usable form, for a variety
of users. Providing effective access to the large number of photos is a particularly
challenging aspect.


  • To be able to browse the data (a zoomable map for instance), bearing in
    mind the large amount of data and variety.
  • To analyse particular aspects of the data. For instance, can the blog text
    be matched to particular places on the route? Can this be done for the


  • Competent at software development and enthusiasm to create novel


  • Scope: Bachelor/Master

    The potential scope of this project is large, but can be adapted to suit the particular timescale and interest of the student.



  • V. large data source captured over 100 days:

    – multiple GPS data (GPX format)*
    – ECG (heart) & EDA (skin) data (almost continuous for 100 days)*
    – accelerometer data (continuous)*
    – photos (approx. 19000), some GPS tagged
    – audio recording (some transcribed)
    – blog text (some markup e.g. place names)

    * now available as clean (easy to use) dataset