Dr. Dominik Jäckle


In the era of Big Data, we process and present vast amounts of heterogeneous data in constant pursuit of insight. A main challenge in understanding such complex data is to identify, interpret, and navigate relevant discernible areas (patterns) such as clusters, outliers, or correlations. Over the past years, I addressed this challenge and developed novel methods to make sense of large sets of heterogeneous data. Following, you may get an impression of my work.

Teaching Assistance

SS 2013Database Systems (Teaching Assistant)
WS 2013/2014Computer Systems and Networks (Teaching Assistant)
SS 2015Information Visualization II (Teaching Assistant)
WS 2015/2016Computational Methods for Document Analysis (Teaching Assistant)
SS 2016Information Visualization II (Teaching Assistant)
WS 2016/2017Analysis and Visualization (Teaching Assistant)
SS 2017Information Visualization II (Teaching Assistant)