Dr. Manuel Stein

About Me

Manuel Stein is a research associate in the Data Analysis and Visualization Group at the University of Konstanz, where he lead the internal research groups for team sport analytics and high dimensional data analysis. His research concentrates on the analysis of player movement with the goal of understanding cooperative and competitive behavior in team sports with the help of visual data analysis. His research builds on a multi-facet view focusing on the detection of semantically meaningful patterns which offers the user interactive visual explanations. His works have not only contributed to the theoretical body of knowledge, but also provide real-world benefits, for example, to soccer organizations who have utilized applications stemming from his work and plan to continue doing so in the foreseeable future. He has introduced novel methods for the dynamic modeling of contextual factors influencing the movement behavior of each player during a match. Ultimately, he has developed a novel system that automatically displays complex and advanced 2.5D visualizations superimposed on the original video recordings. His works have been featured in blog posts (e.g., David Sumpter: "How can clubs use detailed tracking data to evaluate player’s decision-making?"), press releases (e.g., IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight: "A Winning Combination: Pairing Video and Movement Data to Enhance Sports Data Analysis") as well as radio broadcasts (Deutschlandfunk: "Digitalisation in sport: training data in real time"). Recently, parts of his works are featured at the Barça Innovation Hub in the invited Chapter "Identifying the Match Plan: Context-oriented Interactive Visual Analysis of Football Matches" of the football analytics guide of the Spanish professional soccer club FC Barcelona.

Research Interests

  • Visual Analytics for Cooperative and Competitive Behavior in Team Sports
    One team changing the soccer world
  • BigGIS
    Predictive and prescriptive GIS based on high-dimensional geo-temporal data structures

In the Media

Invited Talks



  • 2017 – Honorable Mention Full Papers: Dynamic Visual Abstraction of Soccer Movement.


  • 2016 – Best Vision Paper Award Runners up: BigGIS: A Continuous Refinement Approach to Master Heterogeneity and Uncertainty in Spatio-Temporal Big Data.

Fraunhofer IGD

  • 2017 – Best Paper Award Honorable Mention: Visual-Interactive Search for Soccer Trajectories to Identify Interesting Game Situations.

VAST Challenge

  • 2016 – Excellent Storyboard: Fusing Events, Tasks and Spatial Awareness in an Ambient-Enabled Work Environment
  • 2013 – Effective Visual Design: Similarity Driven Visual Interactive Prediction of Movie Ratings and Box Office Results

Committee Member


Summer Term 2018 Seminar: Soccer Analytics
Summer Term 2018 Exercise: Information Visualization II
Winter Term 2017/18 Exercise: Analyse und Visualisierung von Information
Summer Term 2017 Exercise: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Winter Term 2016/17 Exercise: Information Visualization I
Summer Term 2016 Exercise: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Winter Term 2015/16 Exercise: Information Visualization I
Summer Term 2015 Exercise: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Winter Term 2014/15 Exercise: Analyse und Visualisierung von Information






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