Dominik Sacha

Research Interests

  • Interaction in Visual Analytics
  • Knowledge Generation in Visual Analytics
  • Data and Analytic Provenance
  • Visual Interactive Machine Learning

Teaching Assistance

SS 2017Information Visualization II
WS 2016/2017Information Visualization I
SS 2016Information Visualization II
WS 2015/2016Computational Methods for Document Analysis
SS 2015

Information Visualization II

WS 2014/2015Seminar: Visual Big Data Analytics
SS 2014Multimedia Database Systems
WS 2013/2014Rechnersysteme/Computer Systems
SS 2013Information Visualization

Conference Presentations and Tutorials

  • June 2017, EuroVis 2017, Barcelona, Spain: Dynamic Visual Abstraction of Soccer Movement 
  • October 2016, Vis 2016, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Visual Interaction with Dimensionality Reduction
  • September 2016, KONVENS 2016, Bochum, Germany: Visual Analytics for Computational Linguists
  • June 2016, EuroVis 2016, Groningen, Netherlands: Analytic Behavior and Trust Building in Visual Analytics.
  • April 2016, ESANN 2016, Brugge, Belgium: Human-centered Machine Learning Through Interactive Visualization 
  • February 2016, DGfS 2016, Konstanz, Germany: LingVis Tutorial - Visual Analytics for Linguists
  • October 2015, IEEE VisWeek, Chicago, IL: The Role of Uncertainty, Awareness, and Trust in Visual Analytics
  • May 2015, NODALIDA 2015, Vilnius, Lithuania: Self Organizing Maps for the Visual Analysis of Pitch Contours
  • November 2014, IEEE VisWeek, Paris, France: Knowledge Generation Model for Visual Analytics

Research Projects

  • VALCRI - "Visual Analytics for Sense-Making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis"
  • QI-FOR 2111 - Research Unit "Questions at the Interfaces”
  • Visual Analysis of Language Change and Use Patterns 
  • SoccVA - Visual Analytics for Soccer
  • LingVisAnn
  • VASA - "Visual Analytics for Security Applications"