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Dr. Sara Di Bartolomeo


Dr. Maximilian T. Fischer

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Dr. Daniel Seebacher

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Prof. Dr. Menna El-Assady

ETH Zürich

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Dr. Rita Sevastjanova

Interactive Visual Investigation of Word Embedding Contextualizations in Large Language Models (2024)

Dr. Matthias Miller

Visual Sheet Music Analytics (2024)

Dr. Thilo Spinner

Visual, Interactive Deep Model Debugging: Supporting AI Development and Explainability (2024)

Dr. Juri Buchmüller

Visual Summaries of Spatio-Temporal Data: Space-Efficient Movement Visualization (2024)

Dr. Maximilian T. Fischer

Visual Analytics for Communication Analysis (2023)

Dr. Wolfgang Jentner

Visual Pattern Analytics for Event Sequences (2023)

Dr. Bruno Schneider

Visual Integration of Model and Data Spaces in Classification Problems (2023)

Dr. Eren Cakmak

Interactive Visual Analysis of Collective Behavior (2022)

Dr. Martin Schall

Multi-Dimensional Connectionist Classification: Segmentation-Free Handwriting Recognition (2022)

Dr. Matthias Kraus

Assessing the Applicability of Virtual Reality for Data Visualization (2021)

Dr. Daniel Seebacher

Visual Analytics of Spatial Events : Methods for the Interactive Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data Abstractions (2021)

Dr. Dirk Streeb

Human Reasoning in Visualization and Visual Analytics (2021)

Dr. Michael Blumenschein

Pattern-Driven Design of Visualizations for High-Dimensional Data (2020)

Dr. Florian Stoffel

Transparency in Interactive Feature-based Machine Learning: Challenges and Solutions (2018)

Dr. Dominik Sacha

Knowledge Generation in Visual Analytics: Integrating Human and Machine Intelligence for Exploration of Big Data (2018)

Dr. Dominik Jäckle

Projections for Visual Analysis of Multivariate Data: Methods for Identification, Interpretation, and Navigation of Patterns (2017)

Dr. Hansi Senaratne

Uncertainty-aware Visual Analytics for Spatio-temporal Data Exploration (2017)

Dr. Michael Behrisch

Visual Analytic Methods for Exploring Large Amounts of Relational Data with Matrix-based Representations (2017)

Dr. Fabian Fischer

Visual Analytics for Situational Awareness in Cyber Security (2016)

Dr. Johannes Fuchs

Glyph Design for Temporal and Multi-Dimensional Data : Design Considerations and Evaluation (2015)

Dr. Sebastian Mittelstädt

Methods for Effective Color Encoding and the Compensation of Contrast Effects (2015)

Dr. Svenja Simon

Visual Analysis of RNAseq Data : Discovering Genes in Bacteria (2015)

Dr. Halldór Janetzko

Enhancements for Visualizing Temporal and Geospatial Datasets (2015)

Dr. Milos Krstajic

Visual Analytics of Temporal Event Sequences in News Streams (2014)

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schäfer

Visual Analytics for Improving Exploration and Projection of Multi-Dimensional Data (2014)

Dr. Christian Rohrdantz

Visual Analytics of Change in Natural Language (2013)

Dr. Andreas Stoffel

Document Structure Analysis for Large Electronic Document Collections (2013)

Dr. Andrada Tatu

Visual Analytics of Patterns in High-Dimensional Data (2013)

Dr. Slava Kisilevich

Analysis of user generated spatio-temporal data : Learning from collections of geotagged photos (2012)

Dr. Daniela Oelke

Visual Document Analysis : Towards a Semantic Analysis of Large Document Collections (2010)

Dr. Florian Mansmann

Visual Analysis of Network Traffic : Interactive Monitoring, Detection, and Interpretation of Security Threats (2008)

Dr. Jörn Schneidewind

Scalable Visual Analytics : Solutions and Techniques for Business Applications (2007)

Dr. Tobias Schreck

Effective Retrieval and Visual Analysis in Multimedia Databases (2007)

Dr. Benjamin Bustos

Index Structures for Similarity Search in Multimedia Databases (2006)

Dr. Christian Panse

Visualizing Geo-Related Data Using Cartograms (2005)

Dr. Mike Sips

Pixel-based Visual Data Mining in Large Geo-Spatial Point Sets (2005)

Dr. Alexander Hinneburg

Density-Based Clustering in large Databases using Projections and Visualizations (2002)


doc. RNDr. Jakub Lokoč, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) - 2023

Noëlle T. Rakotondravony

Visiting PhD student (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA) - 2023

Dr. Hanna Hauptmann (Schäfer)

Postdoctoral Researcher - 2019-2021

Dr. Evanthia Dimara

Postdoctoral Researcher - 2019-2020

Dr. Alexandra Diehl

Postdoctoral Researcher - .

Dr. Tom Polk

Postdoctoral Researcher - 2018-2022

Dr. Geoffrey Ellis

Postdoctoral Researcher - .

Dr. Bum Chul Kwon

Postdoctoral Researcher - .

Dr. Enrico Bertini

Postdoctoral Researcher - .

Dr. Peter Bak

Dr. Leishi Zhang

Dr. Ivan Sipiran

Dr. Roland Heilmann

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