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The Powerwall at the University of Konstanz

The powerwall was officially put into operation at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Konstanz University, in May 2005, and has been updated at the middle of 2013.

The powerwall (developed by Barco as two channel Galaxy 4K solution) offers high resolution functionalities in mono (4K) and active stereo (2k). The powerwall system is based on 3-chip DLP projection technology, each with a total resolution of 4096x2160. Two Barco Galaxy 4K projectors are positioned behind the screen. The projectors have the required features on board to guarantee both brightness and color uniformity from the beginning throughout the total lifetime of the system. 

Dimensions per screen:

  • Required room width/height = 5800 mm/2300mm
  • Required room depth = 3500 mm
  • Image width = 5200 mm
  • Image height = 2150 mm
  • Start Image = 500 mm
  • Total resolution = 5224 x 2160 pixels (= > 11.28 Million)
  • Pixel size = 1 mm
  • Stereo Technology = mono (4k)/ active stereo (2k)

This opens up completely new perspectives in the area of visual data exploration, an area of expertise at the department, which involves the detection of relations in large information spaces. This means, for example, that in the analysis of election results, customer data or stock-exchange prices, no reduction of aggregation of data is required in comparison to previous monitors; data can generally be displayed in its entirety. In addition, there are numerous other areas of application for the powerwall in both research and industry. The wall enables lifelike images of landscapes, buildings, either real or imaginary. As sharp and as large as this was previously impossible. This is interesting for biologists who want to observe life-size body cross sections in detail. The wall is also of interest to car manufacturers who like to inspect new models in their original size.

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