Visual Analytics for Situational Awareness

BANKSAFE: Situational Awareness for Large-Scale Computer Networks

The enormous growth of data in the last decades led to a wide variety of different database technologies. Nowadays, we are capable of storing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. We introduce Banksafe, which was built for the VAST Challenge 2012 and won the outstanding comprehensive submission award. Banksafe is based on modern database technologies and is capable of visually analyzing vast amounts of monitoring data and security-related datasets of large-scale computer networks.

NStreamAware: Real-Time Visual Analytics for Data Streams to Enhance Situational Awareness

The analysis of data streams is important in many security-related domains to gain situational awareness. To provide monitoring and visual analysis of such data streams, we propose a system, called NStreamAware, that uses modern distributed processing technologies to analyze streams using stream slices, which are presented to analysts in a web-based visual analytics application, called NVisAware. Furthermore, we visually guide the user in the feature selection process to summarize the slices to focus on the most interesting parts of the stream based on introduced expert knowledge of the analyst. We show through case studies, how the system can be used to gain situational awareness and eventually enhance network security. Furthermore, we apply the system to a social media data stream to compete in an international challenge to evaluate the applicability of our approach to other domains.

More information about this and related work can be found in the following publications.